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Conveyor Pizza Oven

When it comes to running a restaurant, the oven is probably the most representative kitchen equipment. No matter what kind of food you will be serving, ranging from sushi to steaks, you will need an oven.  

Keep in mind, though, that there are different types of ovens and, for a quick-prep restaurant, you will most likely need a conveyor pizza oven.

Its ease of operating cannot be beaten: you simply have to put the uncooked pizza on a conveyor belt at one end, set up the temperature and conveyor belt's speed (which translates in cooking time), and just pick up the crispy pizza at the end of the tunnel. 

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Of course, you can use a conveyor pizza oven to cook anything you would serve in a quick-prep restaurant, like hot sandwiches, paninis, pretzels, or appetizers.  

When purchasing such an oven, make sure you check how easily you can clean it. Having to dismember half of the machine for this purpose could take you hours and would only boost the total cost of ownership. Make sure you document in advance the parts you will have to remove and clean after a days' normal operating cycle. 

Make sure you match the size of your commercial oven against the need of your restaurant. If you operate a 100 seat facility, you should probably get a larger oven that bakes more than just a couple pizzas at a time, or your customers will bail out on you. Also, don't get a huge oven if you only serve twenty pizzas for an entire day.

Evaluate your needs properly, for a new restaurant, it may be better to buy a smaller commercial conveyor pizza oven first and get a larger one (or a second oven) as you need it, rather than investing a large amount of your starting capital in a machine that will be used below its capacities. These conveyor pizza ovens certainly aren’t cheap; that’s why many people consider the used conveyor pizza ovens, as well.

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Commercial, Conveyor Pizza Ovens

Commercial pizza ovens should come with security features. TouchSafe exterior is a technology standard that prevents your cooks from being accidentally burned during regular operation. Since many newer models come with this safety measure, you should pay attention to this option.

Also, keep in mind the ease of operation when getting such a commercial pizza oven. Newer models often come with digital screens that allow you to easily change the speed and direction of the conveyor band, the operating temperature, but will also provide you with insightful messages in case of a malfunction. We specifically discuss options from Impinger and Belleco.



Older, analog conveyor pizza ovens will probably just flash a red light if something goes wrong, and you won't be able to tell whether it's only a food jam, a broken sensor or some more serious malfunction.

Calling the service team only to find out that two slices of pizza were blocking the conveyor belt is bad for both your pocket (you will have to pay dearly for their visit) and for your reputation (customers don't like to be kept waiting and most likely won't return to your restaurant if you keep them waiting too much).

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