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Impinger Conveyor Pizza Oven

The Impinger pizza conveyor oven is an express pizza cooking conveyor oven that is used in a lot of commercial settings for cooking many different kinds of pizza.

This particular oven in the picture to the left is front loading, electric-powered, has a single deck, a glass access window, and weighs 325 pounds.

If you are looking for a serious commercial-grade pizza conveyor oven for your pizza-cooking needs, then the Impinger is perfect!

It will cook all of the pizza you need without taking way too much time, and isn’t that what is important?

The reason why this oven will cook pizza more efficiently is because of the conveyor mechanism itself. This mechanism sends the pizza through the oven at the speed you decide so that the pizza is as done as you want it to be.

This really helps to do away with overcooking, undercooking, burning, and many other problems, including doughy crust. 

If the pizza is allowed to cook in conveyor pizza ovens for the right amount of time on the proper amount of heat, then you can get your pizza done in no time without having to check and make sure that it is all the way done.

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